Enlander Clan Rankings

There are many places in a traders lifecycle that they might find themselves. Here is a description of the titles and their relative 'seniority' in the clan. This list goes from highest rank to lowest.

The Wagonmaster of the Clan is its chief executive. The buck stops there. In the beginning of Clan history, the Wagonmaster handled nearly every aspect of the Clan operations. They were a major player in the day to day trading going on, the chief judge and disciplinarian, helped with the records and inventory, and even the laundry.

As the Clan grew over the years, the Wagonmaster's responsibilities have been refined. They are involved in negotiating most of the large trade deals the Clan services, responsible for maintaining relationships with Holders and the like, and for determining when and where the Clan will be. The Wagonmaster presides over any internal criminal trials and holds a grievance session once every two sevendays to hear complaints of the people traveling with the Clan. These complaints range from accusations regarding stolen laundry, to more serious offenses like battery and assault.

The Wagonsecond of the Clan is appointed by the Wagonmaster of the Clan. This person is trusted with every aspect of Clan leadership that the Wagonmaster is, and must be trained in them as well. When duty or other circumstance keeps the Wagonmaster from being able to perform their duties, it falls to the Wagonsecond to make sure things continue as they would, if the interruption of the Wagonmaster's attention had not happened.

They are also the keel and sounding board for the Wagonmaster. Most trusted confidant and objective listener. Points out flaws in plans or decisions that were made. During the busy trading season, the Wagonsecond practically splits the Wagonmaster's duties to keep things going. They are very often involved in the large Trade deals and sit on the bi-sevendaily council in the Wagonmaster's absence.

Quarter Master
The Quarter Master is responsible to see that everyone is quartered, clothed, fed, and generally has whatever else they need. They track inventory for the Clan and manage rations when the need to arises. They are also responsible for aqcuiring goods the Clan needs to subsist, and in this respect - they have autonomy. If a need exists for a good or an item in the Clan, the Quarter Master will purchase it from the Clan's general fund. For this reason, the Quarter Master is a good one to be particularly kind to.
Task Master
This position is one that is relatively new in the Clan's history. Commissioned one winter to relieve the Wagonmaster of the responsibilties of monitoring the growing Clan workforce. The Task Master works with the Wagonmaster and Wagonsecond to schedule the Clan's Traders in the most effective manner. Once the schedule is made, it falls to the Task Master to enforce it and to deal with interruptions in the schedule. Resource management. Not only does this Task Master make the schedule (for all intents and purposes. If the Wagonmaster and Wagonsecond are not around - they have executive authority to schedule the Clan) but they fill in the gaps and are responsible for the disciplining of those not pulling their weight. Appeals can be brought to the Wagonmaster at the bi-sevendaily council, but will likely be upheld as the person in this position is selected in part because of their integrity.
Admin Staff
Clansmen who have shown extraordinairy skill in their work, a loyalty to the Clan and its well being, and who is generally liked by the people they live and work with, may be asked to serve a term or more on Clan Admin staff. Admin Staff attend Wagon Council meetings, help make decisions regarding staffing, trading, travel and in the cases of emergencies can be 'deputized' to operate the Clan in the absence of other Clan leadership.
Senior Trader
These are traders who /really/ know the ropes. They've been with the Clan at least five IC turns typically. They know a lot of people in the Clan and not only that but have a lot of trading contacts nearly anywhere the Clan is. These are great folks for young Scouts to follow around.
These are the bread and butter of the Clan, obviously. Traders are generally folks who've been with the Clan at least two IC turns. Typically, one would expect a Trader to be no less than sixteen turns old. In very rare instances when people show extreme promise, they are granted full Trader rank on an accelerated schedule.
The young and aspiring Traders. Either because they want to or because their family is forcing them to. They typically train under a Trader or in some cases, a Senior Trader. They perform chores in addition to assisting the Traders with their business. These people can be considered something akin to an Apprentice in the Crafts - though without the typical restrictions. Permission to date comes from the Scout's family and in some rare cases, ultimately from the Wagonmaster during a bi-sevendaily council. Drinking is discouraged as Scouts are typically young, but age dictates alcoholic consumption typically. A young scout will not drink, an older one might. Durign times of celebration, all are /expected/ to raise a toast and so the banning of alcohol would be a contradiction to Clan culture.
Craftsmen, the Morale Officer, and Records keeper are specialty positions in the Clan. Other examples might be cook or seamstress. These people enjoy a certain level of seniority. They are free to accept commissions from people, though there is a profit sharing mechanism in place. At times, they will be appointed to Admin Staff to help the Wagonmaster, Wagonsecond, Quarter Master, and Task Master to operate the Clan. These people are not as far down the totem pole as the listing might indicate. A specialty is never officially granted to a Clansmen who's not at least a Trader level Clan member.
Wagonhands / Crew
These people are known to the Wagonmaster as 'overhead'. They do not make money for the Clan, but they do help keep it presentable. These people usually do laundry, cook, clean, repair wagons, fetch water, etc. Very young members and their families who are not active Traders are classified as either Wagonhands or Crew. They are important to Clan operations, but kept to a minimum because they do not help pay for the bread that gets put on the table. They help make it though!

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