Reasonable prices for trading
The Pernese "mark" is an interesting unit of money. The marks are little wooden disks stamped with colored dye. This comprises the Pernese money system. The marks vary in value from a whole mark to nearly any fraction of a mark.

The Halls on Pern (Weaver, Harper, etc.) produce marks, so you may have a "Harper mark" or a "Smith mark", etc.

The actual value of the mark is hard to determine. As with any currency, the value is based on a very complex system of variables. For instance, if a Hall is in bad graces with the public, or there isn't a Hall of that type in an area - those marks will probably be worth less in that area. Many other variables affect the value as well.

Based on my readings of Pern books as well as looking at the Dragon Lover's Guide, I've estimated that a single Pernese mark is valued at somewhere around $20-$25 U.S. Dollars. I use this estimate in all my roleplay regarding money. If you know about what something costs in U.S. Dollars (or convert $20-$25 to your currency) and the you can estimate it's value in marks.

Hartley Patterson has put together a great page of Pern Demographics that I highly reccommend anyone roleplaying in a Pern setting read. I found his pages after I had done my estimation and his writing agrees with it in the most part.

Here are some prices derived from this estimation as well as some taken from the Dragon Lover's Guide.





Table/Chair Set


Wooden Chair 15
Plain Clothing 1-2 per Item
Knives 1 (small)
Knives 2-3 (large)
Undistinguished Wine 1
Distinguished Vintage Wine 4-5 (depends on vintage)
A Keg of Ale 1
Dyes 2-3

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