after the change of leadership, Creer slowly built the Lifeline. Soon the troupe was kicking up a dust trail as they traveled. Their stock of runners for sale, a few wagons and ample burden beasts to pull the handful of wooden vessels all doing their part. Eventually the group made their way off Ista Isle, large enough to service not only Ista, but also the Halls and Hold of Southern Boll. Extending trade to this region allowed them to more easily obtain the much sought after wares of Weaver Hall and the Glasscraft that was located there.

Turns and turns passed and the group was met with more and more success. One evening around a small fire and a few bottles of Benden, the three siblings were talking about their adventure and bragging to themselves of its prosperity. The three decided that it was successful enough to proudly bear the name of their father's family and so The Island Lifeline was re-dubbed: Clan Enlander.

The group extended its trading reach to include Fort Hold, it's Halls and Weyr as well. Decidedly the group would service these three areas (Boll, Ista and Fort) exclusively. The 'Reaches had been attempted but the Winter came on too strongly and quickly and after several failed attempts to include the area in their travels, the route was dropped. Despite the fact that it was not on the typical trade route, the Clan kept in touch with the Steward and Lord Brakton and occasionally sent a small group up to deliver some special items for the Lord Holder and to retrieve the very valuable Llama fleece the area produced.

The Clan developed the habit of wintering in Southern Boll in favor of its mild winters and the chance to trade even during the winter months. During one of these winter stops, the Clan commissioned the Weaver Hall to design some marking that would designate them to one and all as Enlander Clan Traders. The trio of siblings attended a meeting with several Journeyman Weavers one evening to approve a design and a few days later were seen flaunting the new Enlander Kerchief: A deep red bandanna prominently displaying an emblem. Over the stark black mountainous background highlighted in gold, a red sky contains a bright golden sun in the high noon position. The new mark of all Enlanders.

Trading became a way of life for the group, not simply a means of making a living. Slowly they transformed into Traders. With Trader traditions, lore, and livelihoods. Eventually Creer tired of imposing on the good Lady Damaris each turn for solstice from the Winter and petitioned her for the purchase and establishment of a small holding within Boll's borders. After some amount of talking, the request was granted and the Enlander had leave to establish a small holding down the road a ways from Southern Boll Hold, to be called the Enlander Haven.

The Haven was built a ways into the lush jungles of Southern Boll on a plot cleared of the towering trees of the jungle landscape. A nearby Lake was convenient for a water source as well as to wash clothing and bathe in. Quickly dubbed "Trader's Lake" the body of water hosts the now customary Turnday Dive. Each Clan member, on their Turnday, is escorted to the Lake and tossed in. This is said to bring good luck throughout the year and immediate sogginess.

As the Clan marches forth into the future, Creer has become a competent and respectable leadership figure in the Trading community. His sisters continue to help make the Clan a success and Cousin Threndon has even returned from his responsibilities to regain an active role in the trading group he left so long ago. The future looks nothing but bright for the meandering group.
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