New Players / Joining Requirements

Before joining the Clan, you need fulfill only two requirements:

  1. You need to come up with a history of your character that gives some background regarding how you ended up joining the Clan. This gives you a good RP foundation and also lets everyone in the Clan know a little more about you. You can make the history as involved as you like, but most folks usually keep it to two paragraphs (for instructions on adding the history to your plan, see 'news enlander clan' on the moo).
  2. You need to make sure your description and all objects are typo-free. We're not grammar experts for the most part, but this is a text medium. Spelling is important for good roleplay and the Clan requires this as a very simple joining requirement.
Once you have fulfilled these requirements, drop an @mail to *es and notify them of your desire to join the Enlanders. If, at any time, you have questions - feel free to ask us :) We're a friendly group of folks, just playing a game.

Note: For the most up to date info on the Clan and what it's doing - check 'news Enlander Clan' on the Moo.

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