Enlander Clan

Born and raised in the family tradition of woodcrafting, Creer endured that fate until he reached his 18th turn. Once deemed old enough, he traveled off and landed a job at Weaver Hall in Southern Boll as the Gardener, thus escaping a fate as a woodcrafter.

Living in Boll and working with the Weavers gave him the chance to get to know his most interesting Cousin, Threndon. Threndon was heading up a new and expanding part of the Enlander Family tradition... the trading interest. Interested as he was, Creer invested in the trading troupe and aquired a part interest with Threndon.

After one year of living and loving as the Gardener at Weaver Hall, Creer was notified that Threndon would have to remain in Ista to foster a friend's child. Stepping up, he accepted an offer from Threndon to buy out the rest of the trading interest.

And to make a long story short, the troupe grew into what the family was proud to label The Enlander Clan and Creer maintains leadership today. He and his eternally absent memory are aided by many friends, family and hired hands. Check out the Enlander Clan Online Haven to see the roster and other amazing facts about the Clan.