You've found the homepage of the Enlander Clan from Dragonsfire MOO. Use the link above to get to Dragonsfire and once there, you can find the Enlanders by moving to the Enlander Clan Main Camp (type "@move me to #12657").

What Is The Enlander Clan?
The Enlanders are a group of traders who travel around on Dragonsfire inside of Anne McAffrey's Pern. We are representative of a family trading caravan as seen in "The Renegades of Pern" book. Being a member of our group gives you the opportunity to travel all around the areas of Pern that are on Dragonsfire. We pass through each of the major areas once per cycle, stopping at our home "Enlander Haven" for some R&R in the winter months.

We aren't quite like a Hold or a Hall. We've got no rigorous requirements for advancement (aside from involvement and good Roleplay), we don't stay put, there is no apprentice system, we don't have a knot (though we do have our coveted kerchief and seal). We're made up of all sort of folks: Harpers, Healers, Weavers, Smiths, Fort Hold Folk, Ista Hold Folk, and we've even had members searched to Ista Weyr and Fort Weyr.

To Learn More About Us and How to Join
To learn more, just look around this site. To learn how about our joining requirements, visit the "new players" section or jump on the game and read 'news enlander clan' or contact a Clan member. Send mail to *es for direct access to Enlander Staff. To learn more about Pern, check out these books from your local library or the Library of Congress.

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