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** Concerned about the security message? The short answer: Just click yes. The long answer: Click here.

Like to play online RPGs? Hate to use telnet to do it though, don't you? Use wUnderMu**. A web based client that allows you to access any Mu** game out there.

Will it work for you? Currently WunderMu** only supports IE 4.0 and higher. You'll need to grant WunderMu** permission to connect to a remote server. Typically, applets are not allowed to do this, but by granting this permission - you enable the client to connect to the remote server.

Why use this client? Perfect for use at the school computer lab or on the computer of that relative who won't let you install your favorite client. Now there's a Mu* client you can access from anywhere with just a web browser. WunderMu** is not meant to replace your favorite client - though you might decide to use it exclusively. It's provided as an easy and free alternative to the misery that is Mu**ing with a raw telnet client.


  • A clear screen command.
  • Previous input scroll back.
  • Indented line wrapping.
  • Multiple instance naming - Ability to name each instance of the WunderMu** client that is opened. (For those who play multiple games/characters)
  • New activity notice for named instance - Notifies you that there's been new activity in window X or the name you've given that window.
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IE 4.0 or higher required. Screen resolution of 800x600 preferred.
WunderMu** and this web site are Copyright (C) 2000, WunderWare Computing
You may NOT use this applet on your web site without express written permission from The Author.

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